Monday, August 18, 2014

A beginning.....

Greetings Friends and welcome to my new blog. This is a place for me to express, explore, create, wander and share. It is here that I move to and away from my old blog at Ancient Road.  For those that do not know, Ancient Road was my business where I sold occult items, taught classes and read the cards for clients. It sustained me for over 7 years. The experiment of 7. Each year another coil in the sacred 7. 7 heavens. 7 sacred directions. Each year a test.  The chapter there is now closed but there is movement deep in the well..... To that call I dedicate my new beginning to the Peacock and the Snake. Evohe....Maya Grey...

"At the Cross-roads of All Pathways,
Where Fated Men their Fate appoint,
The Peacock-Angel and the Snake,
With Venom, mine own brow anoint.
They cast my corpse upon the pyre,
Then walk away within the Fire.
Who followeth--hath found the Path....
....lost within the Empty Point.

Walk on this Instant of Qutub:
Be Thou the Thunderbolt of Chance,
Between the Gate of THIS and THAT--
As Absence, in Thy Presence, dance.
Take Thou the World to be Thy Lover
And take Thyself and make it Other.
To this, the Lie, turn Fate askance."

Peacock and Snake Sigil by Maya Grey 2014