Sunday, April 14, 2019

Thoughts on Witchcraft

I recently watched a YouTube channel from a so called "witch". As I have removed myself from all public pagan and witchcraft groups to focus on my Work I was curious to see what the new trends or thoughts were. What is the current trad de jour? So I found this account which had over 100k followers. 100k!!! Times be crazy.

So I went to the first video, a "what is witchcraft 101" type video. Curiously I watched. And do you want to know what I learned from this person?

That all witchcraft is, is intention. Yep that is it. Intention. Just think good thoughts all "The Secret" like and you will change your reality and create the life you desire. Oh. My. Gods. Were it only so easy. The video then went on to explain that you do you and everything is valid. Now don't get me wrong I don't buy the rabid liberal cultural appropriation thing. You're white so you can only do white things and white culture things and wait that sounds like white supremacy. Wait. No. Shit. I am so confused. According the the video anything goes. However, no, no it does not. What I find interesting is that these massively popular videos/blogs are written by the profane. The un-initiated. And they are ANGRY. As are so many other disempowered people in America.  Public witchcraft always does better in dark times as do occult shops.

Then I watched a bunch more of these videos. And observed...more "expert" pontifications.... intention...universal energy....Gods and Goddesses....folk magic techniques.... positive thought.... meditation.... healing techniques....crystals....

All of these technologies are nice and can be mastered but they aren't witchcraft. Not once did I actually hear anyone get close to any understanding of witchcraft. Had I, I would have emailed them.

Not once did anyone explain that the core of witchcraft is the trafficking in Spirits.  I don't believe that this can be learned online, in witch camps, through books, YouTube videos or phone calls. No it cannot. How can you learn what your lover likes without touching their body? No, my students sit on my couch in my home.  We break bread together and drink wine together. We walk the eerie wilds together.  They all came to me through strange circumstances and unique situations. I never advertised. Never wrote books. They are all powerful in their own ways. They were all spirit led.

So I see that nothing has changed. In a way it has gotten worse because the profane now have more access to some of our paths with social media and instant gratification. However, perhaps, in a way this is better. It allows those of us who want to go deeper to remain hidden and to really focus on the work and not get distracted with the glitter, glam and the illusions of self. So to the true seekers I salute you! To those ego bound and suffering I say there are always other lives to figure this out and perhaps this truly isn't the path for you. I hear the priesthood is recruiting. 

In Darkness and Light.

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