Wednesday, May 15, 2019

America Full Reverse

I don't have a lot of time this morning to write but I just wanted to say that I have the new oppressive abortion laws on my mind. Alabama being the most repressive forced birth extremist state. But then it has so many hate laws. A haven for the followers of the Dead God.


Females as breeders. Lineage holders for the Dead One. Why do so many white women fight the hardest for the Dead One's institutions of patriarchal oppression? Well it is human nature to survive. It is how they survive. It won't be them passed around as a sex slave in a mining camp. It won't be them being torn asunder by Nazis in the streets. It won't be them whose children are torn from their arms to be thrown in cages to die. To be raped. To never smell the delight of their mothers hair and the love in their hearts. Their demented men will protect them. If, they tow the line. And boy do they tow.

I am wondering what will happen in my country. I live in a powerful, rich and progressive blue state. My presidential vote doesn't really count because of the racist electoral college but I do enjoy the protections of a progressive state. No one will force me to have a baby here. Not even my husband.

But we know.

Certain poisons to snip one thread yet preserve another.

Ancient brews.

We've always been here on the cusp of life and death. Been where women's mysteries are.




No wonder they fear us. No wonder. The Dead God will use the very science cherry pick to put women in prison for being raped and not wanting the baby or what ever. Christian Sharia Law. But bad women deserve to be punished. Science to punish. To push patriarchy. But science and magic are not the same thing. Our technologies are unknown to them. We work in the dark. We see by night. Our allies are old and wise and ruthless.

Don't let them see you coming. We are not of the brightness of the sun. Don't tell them who you are.

What will happen in America? Your guess is as good as mine but we have the tools to navigate these times as we always have had to navigate when times have been hard. Stay the course.


Sunday, May 12, 2019


Religionists of all ilks have applied prohibitions to plant allies in order to control their followers. In our culture it goes back to a special tree of knowledge and an apple. Don't eat the apple. Don't gain the knowledge. Do not choose for yourself. But she ate it anyway and we all know that story. We are still playing out the punishments of that act with the stupid abortion laws in Georgia or the "let them rape women" laws in Ohio, because you know, the bitch ate the apple.

Some of us, however, have consumed more than the apple. Some of us have dedicated ourselves to the Poison Path. Witchcraft is the Poison Path Snow White, so take the apple and then go deeper. Take the mushroom Alice. Go deeper. Well, let me say this because you can read me but I cannot read you.....

If you are afraid of drugs or of altering your mind then stop reading. This post is not for you. If you still have echoes of Christian guilt about freedom and Nixonian racist drug laws rattling in your brain, this post is not for you. If you don't believe mind altering substances are part of witchcraft and that you can achieve THE SAME results with meditation, this post is not for you.  


If you want to go deeper. If you want to follow the bread crumbs and you have an open mind then let us proceed. 

Bread of the Gods. This is our heritage as North American witches and we have the keys to our salvation in the very land we walk. We have the keys to freedom and Gnosis.

But know this. The war on "drugs" is a religious war. A war of enslavement for your mind and soul. 

Being free takes courage. Being free is dangerous.  

Genus Psilocybe has many active species: Psilocybe azurescens, P. baeocystis, P. bohemia, P. semilanceata, P. cubensis, P. mexicana and many more.... 

Walk with me if you will in the desert. In the mountains. In Michoacan, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Puebla, Xalapa and Veracruz. 

Mushrooms are the Voice of the Earth. The Voice of our Mother. 

"Magic mushrooms are used primarily in ritual contexts by the mostly female shamans. They are eaten for divinatory purposes. They are used to recognize the causes of disease, to predict the death and loss of family members, to localize lost objects, to uncover thieves and magicians, and to search for answers to familial problems. The mushrooms can also help in finding hidden treasures, discovering ruins and experiencing ritual knowledge."(Ratch 1998, 670-671)

Set and setting are important. To walk in beauty you must prepare. Altar. Fast. Purify with copal.

The mushrooms like to grow free in wild spaces. Interesting, however, that they follow so close to human camps. Boundaries. This world and that. Go beyond the hedge if you can. If you dare to be free. Hail Maria Sabina, Huautla and the nameless shamans of the mountains!

Walk with me if you will in Thessaly, Monte Bego, Valcamonica. Twelve thousand years or so they have dated the Neolithic rock paintings with the magic mushrooms on them. Ancestors guide us. Oh how the Thessalian witches were feared. Because they could see in the dark. Because their spells achieved results. Because they consumed the bread of the Gods. Hail Circe, Medea, Erichtho, Calypso, Dido and Folia!

Set and setting are important. To walk in power and to see in the dark you must prepare. Collect only a certain amount. Never take the first and never take the last. Give gifts to the old Gods. Purify with sage (the modern Italian witches added this from Native American rituals in the 1970s). But then mushroom people KNOW mushroom people and they share. Fast. Consume in the forest. 


Be prepared for the fear. 

It will hit you first. This is ego death. It is necessary so that you do not fall into the traps of the Guru. So that your illusions shatter. A witch must be clear in self. Some traditions of witchcraft have within them realms of illusion. The Fae traditions especially. These realms protect the deeper mysteries. Some initiates never pass through these realms because they cannot even see that they are in an illusion. Oh how the Ego lust is intoxicating. It reminds me of a scene in "The Holy Mountain" by Jodorowsky, where the dedicants, who desire to be initiated, are brought to a market where all the traps of illusion are sold. Addiction. Sex. Cash-Grass-Ass, Power, Guru-hood, BNPs. A distraction to be sure on the way to the Mountain. Push past it witch bitch. Push past. The mushroom can help. But I digress. My apologies. I wish that you were here with me in my garden so I could look in your eyes.  Then we could really talk. Shall we have a glass of wine? Something stronger?


Purify. Honey. Hot Chocolate. Push past the fear. Release. Now the medicine can show you. 

"The great gift of the mushroom ally is a special clarity and intelligence, a special and compassionate healing presence. The experts, the people who kept the ally alive for four hundred years while the rest of the world pursued more destructive visions, say that matters relating to the mushroom ally are muy delicado. The mushroom people know that the little ones have a sacred nature, and they use them within sacred space--that is, there is an alter of some sort and prayers are said.  The interaction with the mushroom is reverential, even if it is sometimes punctuated by laughter or shouts of wonder.  The spirit opens the gate to "that which matters", so respect and a certain humility are appropriate." (Pendell 2009, 29-30)

Do you ever ask your teachers questions? Ever ask why? Or do you already know?

Why cakes and wine? But specifically in our quest....cakes.  Do we follow the rituals of the Cult of the Dying God. Or do his children follow ours? They who destroy all other faiths? They who cannibalize? They who drink blood? They who revel in death?


Bread of the Gods.
God within.... Entheogen.


Yes, we too take God(s) within our bodies and not just in the popular trance possessory methods that are so en vogue these days. Not if you walk the Poison Path. 

Your body is the corporeal laboratory. Your connection to God(s) is within you. Shhhh the priests don't want you to know you are God(s). They would gladly kill you to protect their profits/prophets.

Our bread and our cakes are the sacrament of the little mushroom. We don't fear shamanic dismemberment.  Well maybe a little. But we do it anyway. We know the fairy ring is dangerous so we master the Poison so that we can see in the dark. So that we can walk past the illusion into power. Step over the ring. Step back. 

I believe we are going to need these technologies in the coming days. I believe that we are going to need strength and the ability to see in the dark. As witches. As the wise. As those who walk on the Poison Path. As those who choose to walk in Beauty. 

M. Grey

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Saturday, May 11, 2019


Why would you apologize for those who have oppressed you? Why would you extend your hand? Why would you take on the ethos and hegemony they put upon you with the sword? This is different than dual faith observance where you wear their faith on your skin so they will be at ease but in your heart you speak to the Old Ones.

The cult of the dying god and his followers are faltering. Losing power. HE is hungry for more blood.  HE rages. His priests know that to chain women is to gain in power. They know that he desires the twisted expressions of sex rage and they provide....secretly and not so secretly. So why, why apologize for or trust even the sleeping ones? They too feed the Dead God with their fear prayers.

Brothers. Sisters. War is coming. We know this. We remember it in the future.  It lingers in our Mitochondria. How will you survive it when you have no armies, no gold, no temples? Crashing fists against tanks? Will you martyr yourself like the followers of the Dead God? Or will you take the other road?

Walk in power. Sharpen your knives. Be strong. Learn. Listen. Be flexible and nimble. Let them never see you when you come.