Wednesday, May 15, 2019

America Full Reverse

I don't have a lot of time this morning to write but I just wanted to say that I have the new oppressive abortion laws on my mind. Alabama being the most repressive forced birth extremist state. But then it has so many hate laws. A haven for the followers of the Dead God.


Females as breeders. Lineage holders for the Dead One. Why do so many white women fight the hardest for the Dead One's institutions of patriarchal oppression? Well it is human nature to survive. It is how they survive. It won't be them passed around as a sex slave in a mining camp. It won't be them being torn asunder by Nazis in the streets. It won't be them whose children are torn from their arms to be thrown in cages to die. To be raped. To never smell the delight of their mothers hair and the love in their hearts. Their demented men will protect them. If, they tow the line. And boy do they tow.

I am wondering what will happen in my country. I live in a powerful, rich and progressive blue state. My presidential vote doesn't really count because of the racist electoral college but I do enjoy the protections of a progressive state. No one will force me to have a baby here. Not even my husband.

But we know.

Certain poisons to snip one thread yet preserve another.

Ancient brews.

We've always been here on the cusp of life and death. Been where women's mysteries are.




No wonder they fear us. No wonder. The Dead God will use the very science cherry pick to put women in prison for being raped and not wanting the baby or what ever. Christian Sharia Law. But bad women deserve to be punished. Science to punish. To push patriarchy. But science and magic are not the same thing. Our technologies are unknown to them. We work in the dark. We see by night. Our allies are old and wise and ruthless.

Don't let them see you coming. We are not of the brightness of the sun. Don't tell them who you are.

What will happen in America? Your guess is as good as mine but we have the tools to navigate these times as we always have had to navigate when times have been hard. Stay the course.


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