Saturday, May 11, 2019


Why would you apologize for those who have oppressed you? Why would you extend your hand? Why would you take on the ethos and hegemony they put upon you with the sword? This is different than dual faith observance where you wear their faith on your skin so they will be at ease but in your heart you speak to the Old Ones.

The cult of the dying god and his followers are faltering. Losing power. HE is hungry for more blood.  HE rages. His priests know that to chain women is to gain in power. They know that he desires the twisted expressions of sex rage and they provide....secretly and not so secretly. So why, why apologize for or trust even the sleeping ones? They too feed the Dead God with their fear prayers.

Brothers. Sisters. War is coming. We know this. We remember it in the future.  It lingers in our Mitochondria. How will you survive it when you have no armies, no gold, no temples? Crashing fists against tanks? Will you martyr yourself like the followers of the Dead God? Or will you take the other road?

Walk in power. Sharpen your knives. Be strong. Learn. Listen. Be flexible and nimble. Let them never see you when you come.


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